What is Festival?

Each year, Spirit Haven hosts a Beltane and Samhain festival at Spirit Haven Ranch, a 100+ acre property in Flatonia, Texas. These festivals include four days and three nights of Pagan-based spirituality, community, and celebration. You’ll find ample open camping, dedicated Sacred Spaces to explore, a welcoming community, and a packed schedule to plan your personal event!

Your days might include morning Yoga, shopping on Vendor’s Row, scheduled massages or henna art, workshops on your favorite Pagan or occult topics, visiting with guest speakers from diverse paths, seasonal community activities (like the Maypole!) and connecting with a beautiful, inclusive community.

Rest when you can, because the setting sun brings three nights of activities like a featured band, Bard’s Fire, community rituals, and a Revel Fire in one of our Sacred Spaces! Bring your music makers, flow toys, and dancing feet, and join our drummers, dancers, fire-spinners, and Revelers in creating another Festival of magical memories!


Beltane is generally known as a time of rebirth, renewal, passion, and fertility. Beltane marks the beginning of the pastoral summer season, when livestock were driven out to the summer pastures.

Our Beltane festivals are held in April, typically on the third weekend of the month. Our next Beltane Festival will be April 18-21, 2024, under a waxing moon.


Samhain is a liminal time of honoring our late loved ones, ancestors, and release. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year.

Our Samhain festivals are held in October, typically on the third weekend of the month. Our next Samhain Festival will be October 19-22, 2023, under a waning moon.

Future Festival Dates



Attendance Requirements

You must be an active member with Spirit Haven to attend Festival. Memberships are $30 and non-refundable. We require memberships in order to make Festival a private event and to keep our membership safe.

You’ll need a valid Event Registration (see pricing to the right), which is refundable up to one week before Festival.

You’ll need to complete two hours of Community Service during Festival. As Spirit Haven is entirely volunteer-run and Festivals take a lot of work to put on, we need your help keeping everyone safe and informed and to keep Festival running smoothly!

Festivals at Spirit Haven Ranch are LEAVE NO TRACE events. We live by the saying “Pack It In, Pack It Out!” This means that any and all trash you generate at Festival needs to be taken with you at departure and disposed of off of the Ranch.

Wednesday Entry

Some of our members like to show up the day before festival officially starts to get their camp set up and be settled when the events start occurring. Wednesday Entry is an additional $25 to your registration.

Certain individuals are waived the Wednesday Entry fee, due to serving as sacred space coordinators, previous board members, vendors, and festival staff. Lifetime w/Event Membership holders are also exempt from the Wednesday Entry Fee.

If you are exempted from the Wednesday Fee and are NOT a vendor:
Complete your registration in full, including payment, and then email help@spirit-haven.org and we’ll get you taken care of!

Registration Types and Pricing

Check out the registration types and prices for Samhain 2022: The Midnight Carnival!

Note: You must be an active member with Spirit Haven to attend Festival. These prices do not include the required membership fee of $25 for 12 months or $15 for 6 months.

Interested in Vending at Festival?


Festival Policies

Because Spirit Haven Festivals are such large events, we need to establish rules and etiquette to ensure all of our members are safe and comfortable. Want to make the most out of your time at Festival? Please take a moment to look over our policies and etiquette below to have the best Festival we can!

The Front Gate staff will provide you with a way to mark your vehicle indicating your name and camp location so we can find you if there are any issues with your vehicle.

Once you have unloaded your gear at your campsite, please move your vehicle to the upper parking lot across from Front Gate check in.

Parking passes are ONLY available to those camping in their vehicles and/or who are disabled.

You will need either your ID or a copy of your registration to be allowed on property. Please have vaccination card ready if you choose to
show it.You will be given a wristband! WEAR IT (or we will have to ask
you to leave, which will make us so sad).

Park your cars to the far side of the road when signing in. Do not
block the road. Once checked in, you can drive (very slowly) down to your campsite to unload your gear. Unload your stuff, then take your car back out to parking.

If you are not registered for early entry, you will NOT be allowed in
on Wednesday! No exceptions.

Front Gate will close after sunset or 7 p.m., whichever comes first. If you arrive after the gate is closed, you may park your vehicle on the side of the road (do not block the road), and walk in your essentials for the night. Please proceed to the Healing Station (after midnight, this can be done at the Guardian Station) to verify your vaccination status.

In the morning, you will need to officially check in at the front gate station and will then be allowed to bring your vehicle on property or park it in the lot.

There are limited spots for RV parking. Please inform the front gate upon arrival that you will need a spot to park your RV.

Unfortunately, electrical & sewage hook-ups are NOT yet available, but “whisper-quiet” generators may be run between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. No generators may be used during Main Rituals.

Please park in such a way that will not damage the property in case of inclement weather.

The posted speed limit on Spirit Haven property is 5 MPH. For the safety of all festival attendees, driving is prohibited after dusk without prior authorization!

We understand that emergency circumstances sometimes require vehicles to move across the property after dark. If you find yourself in such circumstances, please contact the Guardians, and they will make sure that everyone gets where they need to be safely.

Photos and videos require affirmative consent before they are taken. That means all the people in a photo or video must have said “yes, you may take my picture” beforehand. Even if they are just in the background, even if they are blurry, even if it’s just an elbow, even if you think they are unidentifiable, no consent means no picture. Period.

It is incredibly important to be mindful of depicting people at Festival, as not everyone attending is “out” as a Pagan. Remember that not everyone has accepting family or workplaces. Confidentiality is one of our core Principles, and we take it very seriously.

Only official CMA Staff Photographers are permitted to take photos at common areas, like Revel Fire or Concerts.

The only animals allowed on property during Festivals are service animals, which includes Emotional Support Animals. (Please leave your pets at home.)

You are responsible for providing our Director of Records a current vaccination record PRIOR to arrival at festival. This should be emailed to dir.records@spirit-haven.org.

After check-in at Front Gate, all Service/Support Animals MUST be registered with Guardian Station upon arrival. Your SA will be given a badge that must be worn at all times. SA’s must remain leashed at all times, unless it would inhibit said Service Animal’s ability to perform trained tasks.

Please be courteous to our members with allergies or anxiety toward your SA and let a Guardian know if you require additional assistance. Remember, YOU are responsible for cleaning up after your SA and its behavior during Festival.

Festivals are Leave No Trace events. There are no dumpsters, recycling bins, or other receptacles. You are responsible for your own trash! If you burn paper, do so safely. Dispose of plastic, metal, and glass offsite; take it with you to recycle at home or elsewhere. If you have traveled to festival by air and your camp mates are unable to assist you with your trash, please contact a Board member to make arrangements.

There will be a $75 fee assessed for any leased campsites left dirty and needing trash removal, and Spirit Haven may terminate the lease in question.

Respect our home, Spirit Haven Ranch. Pack It In, Pack It OUT! Stewardship is one of our core Principles, and we take it very seriously.

All laws, regulations, and ordinances of the State of Texas and Fayette County will be observed during the festival.

Firearms, illegal substances, violence, or any illegal activity will result in
immediate ejection from the event.

As of the Board meeting that occurred on July 8th, 2021, the Board has
voted unanimously that firearms will not be tolerated on property during the festival. This applies to concealed and openly carried firearms and firearms left in vehicles.

Spirit Haven assumes no liability for anyone in attendance. Parents and Legal Guardians are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of all minors in their charge.

If you need help of any kind, need medical assistance, or need to reach a staff member – grab a Guardian or a Healer. In daylight, you’ll see the Guardians wearing green armbands or bandannas, and
you’ll find the Healers at Mathew’s Healing Station. At night, look for the green glowies (Guardians) or blue glowies (Healers).

Minors should NEVER be on property without a parent or legal guardian. Curfew is 10pm for minors: after this time, they must be in their camps unless they are visiting the portas. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
Red glowies are REQUIRED for all minors (anyone under 18 years old) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings after 7:00 p.m. or dusk (whichever comes first). Glowies will be available after 6:30 p.m. at the Guardian Station.

Use the fire rings provided. Keep tents 15 feet away from fires and propane lanterns. A 5-gallon bucket of water must always be in sight of the fire. (A limited number of buckets are available on a first come-first served basis near the Guardian Station.)

Never leave a fire unattended, or it will be extinguished for you. Always make sure coals are cold before you leave.

NO ground fires are allowed within 10’ along the fence line that runs along the south border of the property. This includes portions of Grandfathers, Magical Meadow, and the south road that leads back to the south 40. There is a gas pipeline along part of the fence. There are no fires allowed in Newbee Camp.

See the Fire Chief if in any doubt.

Know what you are consuming. Many people bring food or beverages to Festival that have been charged with specific energies, contain possible allergens, or may simply contain more alcohol than you’re expecting.

To keep your festival as safe and happy as possible, please don’t consume any food or drink if its contents and origin aren’t well-known to you.

Please use moderation when imbibing. Don’t be THAT guy.

Enjoy the non-human occupants of Spirit Haven! Bring your binoculars for bird watching, but keep an eye out also for snakes, scorpions, raccoons and stray dogs. Remember, nature isn’t always friendly! If you come across any problems, contact a Guardian.

Sturdy, closed-toed shoes are essential during set-up and festival. It is Texas, after all, and, yes, it does bite. So boots are again a fashion statement and a wise precaution.

Spiders and scorpions have been seen in abundance, so use caution when lifting/shifting wood or stone. If you have work gloves, wear them.

Please DO NOT try to remove any snakes that you see on property. Find a Guardian and they will call for a trained snake wrangler.

When in doubt, remember…water water water, sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen, shoes shoes shoes!

If you are interested in fire dancing, spinning fire, or standing in as a safety monitor for the fire performers during festival, please visit the Guardian Station BEFORE lighting up in order to gain understanding of Spirit Haven’s Flame Effects Guidelines.

Remember, safety is key, and Spirit Haven wants to ensure that all fire artists AND the audience at large are in a safe and fun environment. We will provide you with details about the designated fire performance areas and partner up with the Safety Services team to yield the best fire performance results we can!

Because Spirit Haven festivals are clothing-optional events, adult members are welcome to wear as little or as much clothing as they choose while in attendance.

It is NEVER acceptable to harass a person into wearing any more or less they feel comfortable with. Do NOT do this.

On a purely practical note, this is Texas. There are a number of plants and creatures here that will bite, sting, stab, and in general make you miserable; sturdy, durable, closed-toe shoes are strongly recommended. Exposed skin burns quickly in the Texas sun; if you’re not covered up with clothes, be sure to cover up with sunscreen.

We are a diverse community. What is acceptable with one person may not be acceptable with the next. The physical and emotional contact level between people who have known each other for years will be different than between people who have just met. Before you assume someone wants a big hug or kiss, ASK.

It is ALWAYS appropriate to ask first.


NO MEANS NO. Regardless of what has happened prior to that moment, NO means EVERYTHING STOPS immediately. EVERYONE has the right to say NO, to change their mind AT ANY TIME, and to have their boundaries respected without pleading, cajoling, threats, or emotional blackmail.

Spirit Haven has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy regarding harassment and assault. If there is a situation that you are uncomfortable with or if you believe someone else is in danger or is having their rights disregarded, please speak with a Guardian or Senior Staff member (Team Leads and Directors). They are there to help.

Festival Etiquette

  • Be respectful of persons, property, privacy, sacred space, and rituals.
  • Sign up for volunteer activities and get involved in the event.
  • Be honorable in your actions.
  • Make a point to meet your camping neighbors.
  • Include others in your activities and socializing.
  • Spend some time recharging your spirit in our beautiful Sacred Spaces.
  • Go to workshops and rituals, learn something new.
  • “Pagan Standard Time” shows a great deal of disregard for all the hardworking volunteers and presenters who have come together to create a wonderful festival experience for everyone. When an event has a specified start time, please be punctual Pagans.
  • Take a stroll or three through Vendor’s Market.
  • Observe ritual etiquette and be respectful of ritual leaders. Follow
    their lead in what they wish you to do during ritual.
  • Always ask before touching another person’s ritual tools.
  • Remember, while this is a clothing optional festival, nudity is not an invitation.
  • Say thank you! to a hard-working volunteer.
  • Cooperate with the Guardian volunteers when something is asked of you. They’re not here to get anyone in trouble; they’re here to help and to make sure everyone has a great (and safe) festival.
  • Parents, be responsible for your child’s behavior and well-being. Adults, be responsible for your own behavior and well-being. Everyone, be kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fear not, we’re here to help!

For general information about Festival, membership, and registration, find your Area Representative and shoot them an email.

If you’re looking for information about a specific part of Festival, check out our Staff Directory.

Still confused? That’s okay! Send an email to help@spirit-haven.org!

First, it’s important to know that Spirit Haven Ranch (SHR) is a very energetically charged place. Regular Festival-goers often joke about needing our “Land fix” – SHR really nourishes our energy. It’s such a loving place that, when you enter for Festival, the folks at check-in often say “welcome home.”

Second, Festival is a camping event in rural Texas. Be prepared for critters (and let a Guardian know if you see any critters of the unsavory variety). Be prepared to bring your own food, tent and sleeping items, toiletries (hand sanitizer and baby wipes are essential!), etc. See the next question for a basic packing list.

There’s about 16 official Sacred Spaces at SHR. Each one serves a unique purpose and has its own unique energy, and may be dedicated to a particular pantheon or deity, or energy. These spaces can be particularly energetically charged. We often take first-time-Festival-goers on a tour – don’t worry about having to learn about each space on your own! Just attend one of several Newbee Meetings at Festival.

Each day, there’s a variety of workshops to attend – usually 30 minutes to an hour long. You’ll get an email before Festival with a lineup of events. Each night, there’s a ritual held in Magical Meadow, followed by Revel – where we Revel in the wonder that is our community, dance to the drums, catch up with our friends, and make new ones around the fire. Most people say it’s their favorite part of Festival.

If you have any questions at all once you arrive at SHR, don’t hesitate to go right to Carol’s Corner. This is the hub of Spirit Haven, where folks are ready to help – though you can ask just about anyone you come across for a helping hand!

You know yourself best! If you know you have things you just can’t live without, better safe than sorry.

Also keep in mind that Spirit Haven Ranch is 100+ acres of land in rural Texas – plan for plenty of walking and wildlife.

Here’s a basic packing list to get you started!

If this is your first festival with us, we have an established camp with a coordinator dedicated to our Newbees! With daily Newbee meetings, Sacred Space tours, and the Newbee Cocktail Hour, you’re sure to meet many friendly faces. Email our Newbee Coordinator for more info at newbee.lead@spirit-haven.org.

If you’re not a Newbee and don’t have a designated camp, reach out to our Director of Member Services at dir.membersvc@spirit-haven.org to learn more about Open Camping or joining an established camp.

No matter where your new home is, be sure to double-check your area for rocks, mesquite, and stickers before setting up your tent, and remember to move your car to the parking lot after you’ve unloaded.

Unfortunately, Spirit Haven as an org does not have public shower facilities at this time, but you can visit Clean Camp near the kitchen area to get cleaned up, courtesy of their shared showers. You can also use a camp shower, ask to share the showering facilities of one of your neighboring camps, or visit the truck stop in Flatonia. If you are using a camp shower, you may fill it from any of the spigots around the property.

If you’d prefer to opt out of taking a shower, we recommend bringing baby wipes to wipe down with, plenty of hand sanitizer, and dry shampoo if you’d like to feel fresh!

Check the “what should I bring to Festival” question for a basic packing list.

(NOTE: the water on Spirit Haven Ranch is NON-POTABLE. DO NOT use the spigots for drinking water.)

We require a membership ($30 for 12 months, $15 for 6 months, non-refundable) in order to designate Festivals as private events. This is for the safety and confidentiality of our members – the general public, who may not have read our Principles or Festival etiquette and rules, can’t enter our Festivals without memberships, and if there is an infraction on Land, Spirit Haven has the ability to remove the offender from Spirit Haven Ranch.

First, be sure you have an active membership with Spirit Haven. You can renew or purchase a membership here.

Once you have an active membership, check out your membership dashboard by clicking the blue “Dashboard” button in the top right corner of y0ur screen. Your member dashboard has a section titled “Festival” – the festival registration form will be there!

We will have school and work release letters for Samhain 2023: Masquerade of the Wild available soon!

Community Service is the heart of our awesome society and keeps us, as a whole, moving forward with caring for each other and our land. Your time volunteering (two hours with you choosing to extend) with the various services offered helps extend your horizons with the full potential of Spirit Haven and Spirit Haven Ranch, assists with making great, new connections with others in your extended Pagan family, helps empower others and has the real potential to inspire you…and hey, it’s fun!
Check out the descriptions of the different Community Service options here.

All adults who purchase a Full Event registration are required to do (at least) two hours of community service at Festival. During the registration process, you’ll need to choose two Community Service options. You are not guaranteed to get your first choice community service option or general time slot, but we do try very hard to accommodate everyone! 

We would love to see you in Vendor’s Row! Visit this page for information, and email rep.vendors@spirit-haven.org with any additional questions!

Late registration ends on March 31st at 11:59 p.m for Beltane 2023: Spark of Spring. This go ’round, we’re accepting registration from April 1st through April 7th at 7 p.m. with an additional $75 late fee.

The time between registration and Festival is vital for our Staff Leads to organize their volunteering needs and make sure that registrants get as close as possible to their original preferences for Community Service stations and time slots. It’s a lot of work!

We’re too far out from Samhain 2023: Masquerade of the Wild to know for sure – check back in soon!